Begonia Amour is a character from Countdown to Countdown

Background Edit

Not much is known about Begonia other than the fact that she is a demi-flora. She knew about Iris's existence prior to meeting him and it is implied that she is very close to Lillium, as she states that she misses him in her diary entries found in the official Countdown to Countdown character page.

She prepares the teleporter for demi-floras who want to go to a save point.

It has been hinted that she might be trapped in the world Iris meets her in, stating "I'm not staying here because I want to or anything like that... it's not like it's my choice.."

Personality Edit

Begonia seems to have a cheerful personality but is also awkward at the same time, apologizing for rambling on or for sounding a certain way.

Appearance Edit

Begonia has a dark complexion with freckles across her face. She has pink eyes and fluffy pink hair with darkened roots. She wears a flowing white dress that goes down to her shins with striped sleeves below her shoulders. She does not wear shoes.

Abilities Edit

Begonia has the ability to levitate, not only herself but objects as well, shown in panels 369 and 380. She also operates the teleporter.

Trivia Edit

  • Begonia is known as Cotton Candy Mom.
  • She can't really cook.
  • It was hinted that she may be trapped in the world she's currently in.
  • She's the purest of them all.
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