Countdown to Countdown is a webcomic created by Xiao Kong. It follows the story of Iris Black, a young man with magical abilities trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.


It is the year 2044. A virus of unclear origin is spreading in America and turning people into glitches. Zombie like creatures that are only killable with fire.

Iris Black is a Demi-Flora, a sub-species of humans which began to appear around the same time as the glitch virus. He has been a resident of Washington State Lab for a majority of his life. One day, the glitch virus spreads to the lab and Iris escapes with Lillium White to head to a survivor camp in Oregon.


Format and StyleEdit

Stylistically, Countdown to Countdown has video game themes to it. Objects and surroundings will often have text surrounding them indicating certain information about them. Small pop ups appear on the side of panels indicating characters' inventories and items, and branching choice paths show up at major plot moments. The story itself also includes many references to things such as spawncampers and save points.

In terms of art, Countdown to Countdown was originally drawn in a panel by panel format. Each page was a its fully coloured and painted panel. Since then, Countdown to Countdown will be shifting to a more traditional comic format with simpler colouring to alleviate the workload of creating the comic.


Xiao Kong, author and creator of Countdown to Countdown first began working on the comic back in 2010, writing and developing its story. It was released on August 5, 2015.

On April 4, it was revealed the Countdown to Countdown will be undergoing a reboot, and its style would be shifted to a more traditional comic style.

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