Not much has been revealed about demi-floras yet but based on the information from the comic they appear to be a species of human, each with supernatural abilities related to a flower motif.

History Edit

Not much is known about demi-floras and how they appeared. They first became known after the outbreak of glitches leading many to believe that they were responsible for the outbreak, making spawncamping and violence against demi-floras a common activity.

Types of Demi-Floras Edit

Flower Abilities Known demi-floras
Iris Removing objects from images and artwork Iris Black, Irid Black
Lily Hypnosis Lillium White
Begonia Levitating/Telekinesis Begonia Amour
Daphne Teleportation Laurence Nimith
Jasmine Hunting abilities (sharp teeth, enhanced smell, etc.) Sunny Hua
Rose Manipulate time Rosalie Greene
Lotus ?
Snapdragon ?
Peony ?
Forget-me-not ?
Hydrangea ?
Azalea ?

Trivia Edit

  • A panel from episode 2 shows a list of demi-flora species, many of which haven't been fully revealed yet and will possibly appear in the future.
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