Glitches are the results of infected persons of the outbreak from five years prior to the CTC storyline. A cure for glitches was in the works at the Washington State Lab.

Appearance Edit

Lin glitch


Glitches resemble the modern depiction of zombies -- dead but undead, caked in blood, covered in wounds, and having sickly green skin. Their eyes are full white with two lines crossing over each other (similar to a "+" sign) instead of pupils. Glitches look exactly as their name suggests: pixelized and affected by visual glitches, adding to the video game aesthetic of the comic. Their speech bubbles are also affected, with words having random capitalization, hyphens and underscores added in. At the same time, glitches are often seen with plants sprouting from their bodies, an interesting compliment to the tech-y infection. An early dialogue of a newscaster reports glitch symptoms " ... as excessive coughing, aggressive behavior, agitated skin, or muddled speech."

Behavior Edit



When a person has become infected, they turn into glitches. They become aggressive and begin to attack humans, killing them and spreading the infection. Despite being undead, they seem to retain memories of their former selves as well as having the ability to communicate although their speech is greatly impaired and broken.

At the current point of the story, there is no cure to the glitch infection, however Lillium states that the infected can only be killed with fire.

"The only absolute way to 'kill' them forever is... uh, fire. You have to burn them until they're nothing but dust. ... Any wound that isn't made by fire gets replaced by plants immediately ..."

According to Lillium, the infected cannot see, and rely on their hearing instead.

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