"A young inventor with the ability to bring his drawings to life. From flying shoes to shelves that never run out of room- no invention is too out of the world for him. He just wishes that he had a friend (or mom) who appreciated his work."

Background Edit

Iris Black is the main character of Countdown to Countdown. He is an Iris Demiflora, meaning that he can turn drawings to life. His powers are a source of alienation from those at the Seattle Flora Tower, as using demiflora abilities is looked down upon.

Personality Edit

Iris is a bright young inventor, shown to be creative and driven. He has been shown to hold his own against others, defending himself when criticized. Iris loves inventing, and frequently uses his powers, much to the disdain of others. Despite having been ostracized by others and isolated for his use of his powers, Iris maintains upbeat and firm in his decision to continue using his powers.

2015 CTC Edit

In the legacy comic for Countdown to Countdown, Iris is portrayed as much more cold and defensive. His routine testing and poor relationship with others in the Washington Lab cause him to be much more drawn in and suspicious of others. It is likely that Iris suffers from depression or anxiety disorder, as he sees a therapist over the course of the comic.

Appearance Edit

Iris is a young man with dark brown hair, tan skin, and brown/grey eyes. As of Chapter 3 onwards, Iris has intricate scars all over his body. It is unknown whether or not they are permanent, but it is likely due to their inclusion in official art.

Iris primarily wears black clothing with blue accents. At the end of Chapter 2, He is shown wearing a hooded black coat with a blue gradient towards the bottom.

Abilities Edit

As a demiflora Iris has the ability to bring works of art to real life. It can be anything from a necklace from a painting to some pancakes on the cover of a breakfast book. Whether or not the food is edible is not yet determined. Iris can also imbue some of his power into objects using his hair, as he is able to create a pouch for Lillium to store his eyes in.

Trivia Edit

  • Iris' name means "goddess of the rainbow."
  • According to the author, Iris would like Mimikyus, wanting to have an army of them.
  • According to the author, Iris would be a slytherin.
  • According to a tweet from the author, he doesn't know what a selfie stick is.
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