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Lillium is the deuteragonist of Countdown to Countdown.

Not much is known of Lillium's history, but according to him he resides in a camp located in Oregon. With information slipped out from Begonia, it seems that Lillium is also a Lily demi-flora and implies that he somewhat knew of Iris prior to the lab outbreak.

He has an apparent love for breakfast.

Personality Edit

Lillium seems to evade questions about him directly, refusing to provide much information of his personal life. Ironically enough, he is extremely talkative and open. He has no qualms about getting touchy either as apparent with his hand-holding of Iris. Despite his happy demeanor though, he is also shown to be easily angered or emotional.[1] Lillium also seems to be extremely flirtatious, though this could be just be an exception to Iris.

Appearance Edit

Lillium has partly slicked back pink hair and pale skin. His eyes are pink, and seem to almost glow at times (because of the nature of his demi-flora abilities.) He wears a cropped vest and bears bandaged hands.

It's possible that Lillium may be blonde but dyed his hair pink according to some of the author's personal works of him.

Trivia Edit

  • Confirmed by Judy, he knows how to waltz
  • Official art by Judy also may imply he is naturally blonde.

References Edit

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