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Madam is the main antagonist of Countdown to Countdown. She is Iris' mother and the leader of the Seattle Flora Tower correctional facility.

Not much is known about her, however she has a large presence in the comic with her striking design and brutal personality.

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Madam is known by demifloras in the tower as a kind and generous leader, however such is not the case. She is shown to be particularly ruthless, instructing the guards in Chapter 1 to kill the intruder and Iris (although she is unaware of his identity) and using violence herself towards Iris in Chapter 2. Rosalie mentions that "She's thrown out tens of demiflora before for even thinking about their powers." All the while, Madam portrays a cheerful and positive facade to others, appearing as a benefactor for demifloras in the Seattle Flora Tower. She is widely loved by the people there, especially the younger demifloras.

Stray demifloras on the other hand seem to regard her with distaste and even hatred, as Lillium refers to her as "... a real piece of work" and "the witch in this tower." This is probably due to the fact that it is revealed early on that Madam is secretly working with spawncampers to harvest demiflora parts. The exact reason why is currently unknown.

Madam characterization especially shines in the way that she interacts with Iris. The comic starts with a flashback of her threatening to throw out a young Iris for using his powers, immediately displaying her abusive nature towards her son. In the present tense, she patronizes Iris, calling him infantilizing nicknames such as "Cupcake" and referring to him as fragile. She is shown to not only manipulate Iris emotionally, but to also resort to violence against him. She slaps Iris in Chapter 1, and publicly mutilates (warning: blood) him at the assembly in Chapter 2. At the same time, though, it seems that Madame does genuinely love Iris in her own twisted way. When she discovers of his escape in Chapter 2, Madame states that "...[her son's safety remains top priority."]

Madame is incredibly smart, always seeming a step ahead of the other characters. She uses this to her advantage multiple times throughout the comic in order to get her way.

Appearance Edit


Close-up of Madam from page 77

Madam's appearance is one of interest, seeing how different she appears to the rest of the cast. She has incredibly pale skin, white hair, and what appears to be a white mask over her face. The mask bears resemblance to a butterfly at the top, and has tear drop shapes underneath her eyes. She is often portrayed with red lipstick, although the placement varies from scene to scene.

In Chapter 3, she is shown to have thorn-like designs on her arms, although it is unclear whether they are permanent.

It seems that her fair appearance (hah) has not always been the case, and is in fact a more recent development. In Chapter 2, a dialogue-free flashback shows Madam with tan skin and dark hair, similarly to Iris. In the first page of the comic, a mini-flashback shows Madam to have dark hair, but the mask she wears in the present tense. It can be then assumed that the flashback at the beginning of the comic takes place after the one in Chapter 2.

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