Potato Lillium is a potato lily hybrid demi-flora created by the artist Judy's older sister, Maddie (double d). He is modeled after the official CTC Comic character, Lillium White.

Appearance Edit

Potato Lillium is a handsome, buff, young man with short pink hair. He sports a strong, defined set of abs on his rugged potato skin. When he attended school, he carries a gay spaghetti strap purse.

Life Edit

Potato Lillium is a student at an unnamed school. He is an athlete because of his Strength, but it is unconfirmed whether he is part of an athletic team or not. He is very unorganized, constantly asking Carrot Iris for school items to borrow.

He attends school with Carrot Iris, his love interest and seat buddy (I almost wrote bussy). Potato Lillium loves Carrot Iris with a passion bigger than his veiny biceps.

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